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Tonic Tangkau and Partners is a well-known law office in Indonesia, equipped with proficient partners who have in-depth legal knowledge and experience. Our office stand and managed to provide excellent legal services for clients. Our office has expertise in the field of dispute resolution and litigation, fraud investigation, intellectual property rights, corporate, family, and property law.

Our Vision &


Being the foremost law office that provides professional legal services to the public by upholding the integrity and prioritizing justice values and moralities in applying knowledge and expertise based on law and ethics.


  1. Provide competent, modern, intelligent, and skilled lawyers to solve client’s legal issues amicably.
  2. Perform the duties of lawyer and with integrity based on law and ethics.
  3. Provide breakthrough legal solutions for client by prioritizing mediation and reconciliation.
  4. Defends and stands for client’s best interest in accordance with law.
  5. Build strong relationship as a high performing team.
  6. Continually develops network, cooperative and cooperation, while highly upholds professional ethics.


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Corporate Law

Corporate law is an important aspect of modern business, as it helps to ensure that companies operate within legal and business boundaries, protecting the interests of stakeholders, including shareholders, and contributing to broader economic and social well-being. It is a complex area of law that requires expertise in multiple legal disciplines, as well as an understanding of business operations and financial markets. Our office provides legal services in the field of corporate law which includes consulting, contract drafting, legal opinion, and corporate restructure.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation​

Dispute resolution and litigation refers to processes and mechanisms of dispute settlement to reach solution for a legal problem, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation. These processes are designed to ensure that conflicts are solved fairly and equally and the parties are being responsible for their actions. For decades, our office has experienced in resolving criminal and civil cases. Assisting clients to recover their rights and defending client rights in process through or outside the court, has become our priority.

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigation​

Business transactions cannot be secluded from risks inter alia, miss information and bad faith of individuals which led to criminal accusation, known as fraud and embezzlement. Our office has experienced in this particular issue, therefore, we can assist and help clients to perform the investigation internal or external in order to find the fraud and embezzlement.

Intellectual Property Rights​

As one of the WTO members which ratified TRIPS, Indonesia has obligations to protect intellectual property rights. Through many experiences, our office has provided legal service to solve legal issues related to trademark, industrial design, etc.

Family Law

Family law is one of the civil law branches which relates to marriage and inheritance. Our office provides legal services and best solution in handling family law matters by prioritizing negotiation between parties, giving consultation, and assisting clients before the court.

Property Law

In Indonesia Property has strong relation to land and building rights and ownership. Our office has excellent knowledge and experience in handling those cases by giving consultation and assisting clients before the court to solve property dispute.


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